Pre-diabetes and Diabetes Home Blood Spot Sampling Kit


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Simple to use kit
Comfort & privacy of your own home
Results analysed using the latest laser technology
Complete confidentiality of results
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In our busy and hectic lifestyles, many people dismiss some of the early signs of the onset of diabetes, such as excessive thirst, blurred vision, tiredness, or frequent visits to the toilet, or they may not notice the symptoms as they can develop slowly over some time.

However, ignoring the symptoms can cause irreparable damage to the eyes, internal organs or nerve damage and also give you an increased risk of suffering other serious, potentially life-threatening episodes such as a stroke or heart attack. Diabetes is a progressive disease and if left unchecked insulin production can worsen and becomes more difficult to control or reverse.


Type I diabetes

Type I diabetes is a lifelong, autoimmune condition caused by a deficiency in insulin and is managed with insulin injections. It tends to be diagnosed at quite a young age, but it isn’t linked with age or being overweight.


Type II diabetes

Type II diabetes is caused by the body either having a resistance to the insulin that the body is producing and therefore no longer being able to use the body’s insulin efficiently, or when the body, no longer makes enough insulin to regulate sugar levels in the blood.

Type II diabetes can be reversible and factors such as maintaining a healthy weight, eating sensibly and taking exercise regularly can all help towards this.



Pre-diabetes is the name given to the condition which is approaching Type II diabetes. Just as in some cases Type II diabetes can be reversed, the same applies to pre-diabetes, meaning that a person never progresses to a full diabetic state. Knowing of the many complications associated with diabetes, a pre-diabetic status gives you the chance to reverse or at least slow down the progression to diabetes.

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    Why test?

    Once you know that you are in a pre-diabetic state a healthcare professional can refer you to a specialist or counsellor to further explain the significance of your condition and provide you with advice on how to manage your pre-diabetes and reduce your risk of developing Type II diabetes.

    If your test result shows that you are diabetic, you will be able to share these results with your doctor and seek medical advice to manage your condition.
    This test can also be used as an easy and convenient way to monitor your diabetes or pre-diabetes status by repeating every 4 to 6 months.

    – This is a screening test for research purposes only –




    Pre-diabetes usually does not have any signs or symptoms. Some people may have darkened skin in some of the areas such as armpits, neck, elbows, knees and knuckles. It is estimated that 7 million people have prediabetes in the UK alone (

    There are classic signs and symptom that would mean you are developing Type II diabetes:

    • Increased thirst
    • Frequent urination
    • Excess hunger
    • Fatigue
    • Blurred vision