Air Pollution Home Blood Spot Sampling Kit


Just one blood spot needed
Simple to use kit
Comfort & privacy of your own home
Results analysed using the latest laser technology
Complete confidentiality of results
Quick turnaround of results for your complete peace of mind



Every day millions of people are affected by poor air quality; from living in large cities or the way we use fuels for energy in heating and air conditioning systems, the many modes of transportation available such as cars, trucks, boats and aircraft, processing factories, the production of plastics, even the use of aerosols, all of these play a huge role in the emissions of gases that affect our health.

The most dangerous pollutants are:

• Sulphur Dioxide
• Lead
• Nitric Oxide
• Mercury
• Arsenic
• Carbon Monoxide

The effects of air pollution

These noxious chemicals are harmful to humans as they can reduce the blood’s ability to carry oxygen around the body. Sometimes only an immediate or acute effect of high levels of pollution cause a direct issue to a person’s health, but it’s important to realise that constant exposure to toxic substances can slowly build up and cause chronic disease.

Some of the effects of air pollution include:
• Respiratory diseases
• Cardiovascular damage
• Fatigue, headaches and anxiety
• Irritation of the eyes, nose and throat
• Damage to reproductive organs
• Harm to the liver, spleen and blood
• Nervous system damage

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    Why test?

    Air quality is particularly important for the occupational health of workers, who can build up levels of toxins in their system from their working environment and also for those who may already be ill or are vulnerable, such as children or the elderly.

    Once you know your status for the effects of air pollution, health care professionals or your doctor will be able to offer information, further tests, and appropriate treatment.

    – This is a screening test for research purposes only –


    Detecting the

    specific pollutant

    Using the Home Blood Spot Sampling Kit to test for the effects of air pollution is so simple, as only one spot of blood is required to give a comprehensive analysis of the effects of air pollution. We will be able to detect the specific pollutant as well as the level and severity of chronic air pollution toxins you have been exposed to. This test can also be used as a monitoring device to help check improvements in your condition once the source of the poisoning has been removed or once the exposure is reduced.