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Samples Processed

We have already processed and analysed thousands of samples on a number of different MALDI-ToF mass spectrometry instruments as well as using a range of sample pre-processing methods to optimise spectral acquisition.


Unique Sample Types

MAP Sciences has experience in analysis of a wide range of samples, including urine, serum, blood, embryo spent media and most recently gargle and swab test for viral identification, including detection of SARS-CoV2.



MAP Sciences has collaborated with 25 partners across the globe, from China to Brazil and USA. We have partnered with academic institutions, consortiums as well as private companies, and hospitals.


MAP Sciences’ team can characterise the proteins your laboratory is working with. Precise mass determination, glycosylation, and subunit identification are some of the examples of our services. Over the years, while working with a wide range of samples we have gathered the experience of the analysis of various proteins and sample types, both in wet and dry laboratories. With the optimisation and expertise, molecules analysed range from a couple of hundred to over a hundred thousand Daltons (Da).  Sample enrichment, filtration, dilution and concentration are simple examples of what we employ prior to mass spectral data acquisition. Furthermore, the development of proprietary a buffer has enabled us to widen the range of sample analysis maximising the benefit and outcome for our clients.


One of the strongest features of MALDI is that the unspecified proteins can be detected in the spectral profile, unlike in immunological studies, where a target protein has to be identified prior to the experiment. These play a key part when samples from two or more groups are compared for their outcome differences correlating the spectral pattern with the outcome of interest or even disease severity. MAP Sciences have worked on several applications to detect and differentiate pathological conditions in human biological fluids, often utilising Machine learning algorithms with cutting edge pre-processing methods for complex spectral data.


MAP Sciences offers an essential service for businesses who wish to repute themselves in meeting and exceeding their customer’s expectations regarding quality control. Using MALDI-ToF mass spectrometry, we can provide you confidence in the purity of your samples. Performing longitudinal studies, we can determine key factors such as storage conditions and shelf life of your product, as well as determining any contamination or unwanted side products that may appear.

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