Implementing MALDI

MALDI is Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionisation mass spectrometry. By firing a laser at a sample MALDI can separate and analyse proteins and other molecules found in biological fluids like blood or urine.

These molecules can tell us a lot about your health or the health of your baby.

Robust Technology

We have been using MALDI for over 20 years. What was a very big, high-tech, laboratory instrument is now a robust bench-top reader than anyone can use.

Rapid Results

MALDI is quick, really quick! Once we have your sample, we can analyse it in under 20 minutes, results while you wait. Compared to genetic testing which can take several days or even weeks.

Combined Testing

MALDI is so powerful that it doesn’t just look for one thing. It can analyse multiple markers. This means we can combine results without needing to re-analyse or take more samples.

Simple Sampling

MALDI needs less than a drop, nanolitres (billionths of a litre), to analyse your sample. A pin prick of blood on a sample card or a urine spot sample. No needles, no hospital visits and no tubes of blood.

Affordable Pricing

Because MALDI is so sensitive we only need nanolitre sample volumes. This keeps reagent costs really low and we can pass those savings onto patients.

Neural Network

Our MALDI readers are connected to our network over the cloud. This means that your sample can be compared to millions of pieces of data on a neural network which learns and improves as it analyses.

Sample Pattern

MAP Sciences has developed and globally patented, European based clinical diagnostic platform utilising a highly-advanced method of protein pattern recognition to diagnose various diseases and health disorders, with operations in North America and the Middle East. It uses MALDI ToF Mass Spectrometry digital data, analysed by AI algorithms. It can be implemented on various existing commercial machines with tests performed exceeding 100,000. It requires only a pinprick of blood or a spot of urine sample and test results can be produced within minutes in a very economical way. The analysis is data rich and the sample can be re-interrogated with full scanning of all test panels from a singular sample. It is based on mass spectral profiling of biological fluids in multi- dimensional patterns with the following advantages:

  • Simultaneous identification of multiple analytes in a single sample run with relative quantification of one analyte against another
  • Sample volume required is micro to nano and preparation is rapid (“dilute and shoot”)
  • Data generation is instant and archived for instant re-interrogation <1 min
  • Output is directly digital with no optical interface and can be shared through multiple digital channels

MALDI 8020

A compact footprint without compromising on performance. The MALDI-8020 is the latest in a long line of MALDI-TOF products from Shimadzu. This benchtop, linear MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer delivers outstanding performance in a compact footprint, making it an ideal choice for today’s increasingly demanding laboratories.

Technical Features:
• Linear mode (positive ion) MALDI-TOF
• 200 Hz solid-state laser, 355 nm
• Load-lock chamber for fast sample introduction l UV laser-based source cleaning (patented)
• Small footprint/benchtop design
• Quiet operation (<55 dB)


Key MALDI Features

Sample Target Solutions

Compatible with the FlexiMassTM series of microscope slide-format sample targets, these slides provide researchers with options depending on their experimental workflow.

The individually barcoded, single-use FlexiMassTM-DS slides provide a convenient solution for more routine or defined workflows. Ready-to-use, these disposable targets eliminate the need for cleaning and the risk of carryover. Alternatively, the reusable stainless steel FlexiMassTM-SR sample targets provide a cost-effective, longer-term solution to sample


Key MALDI Features

Barcode reader

The integrated barcode reader (patented) in the MALDI-8020 automatically scans the slide barcode during sample introduction. The LED on the front panel indicates when the barcode has been successfully read.

Linear mode instruments have traditionally been the instruments of choice in MALDI-TOF-based quality control (QC) and profiling workflows, and the MALDI-8020 is no exception. Peptides, proteins, polymers or oligonucleotides – the instrument is capable of delivering the performance required for QC applications. Research laboratories will also benefit from the MS capabilities of the instrument through the rapid mass-measurement of samples.


Key MALDI Features

TrueCleanTM automated source cleaning

To maximize uptime, the system is equipped with TrueClean – an automated, rapid (<10 min) UV laser-based source cleaning which can be used to clean the extraction electrode in-situ without breaking instrument vacuum.


Key MALDI Features

Quality as Standard

As mass spectrometry moves into clinical laboratories, the MALDI-8020 is the perfect choice for researchers developing MALDI-based diagnostic methods†. The system is designed and manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 quality management standards and is CE compliant.

Through the selection of components demonstrating improved longevity and performance, and by reducing the number of component parts, our engineers have created a reliable and robust platform capable of delivering outstanding performance in a small footprint.