About Map Sciences

MAP Sciences was founded upon an exclusive intellectual property portfolio of medical diagnostics and digital diagnostic applications. These completely novel diagnostic tests, with proven and certified results, are based around MALDI ToF mass spectrometry to be rapid, robust and reliable and use high-tech diagnostics in a simple and practical way.

Meet The Team

Behind the medical science and technology is a team of dedicated, trained medical and management professionals that have been brought together to offer our customers a unique way to get the reassurance they need regarding their health.

Patent Protection

MAP Sciences has been careful to obtain patent protection for all tests; MAP IP Holding, a fully owned UK subsidiary of MAP Sciences, owns and manages the patent portfolio. This that our approach is both entirely original and also protected for decades.

Our News

Prof. Ray Iles of MAP Sciences is presenting at Cambridge University & Addenbrookes Hospital Grand Round with Consultant Haematologist Dr Martin Besser. “Bad Blood” is the case report of a lady poisoned by her own self-medication, resulting in Sulphur Haemoglobin in her blood which was......

Scientists believe they have found a way of doubling the IVF success rate by using a new method of embryo selection. The chance of success is highly dependent on the women’s age, with the latest NHS figures showing that 32.3% of IVF treatments led to......

A UK company is developing a urine test that analyses patterns of proteins for information about the health of an expectant mother and her baby. The expectant mother may have another tool to help predict her unborn child’s health! Scientists at the United Kingdom-based company......

Our Statement on Green MALDI-ToF MS Diagnostic Technology

Although we have always thought it obvious, aside from the analytical advantages of MALDI ToF MS, this technique has an extremely small carbon footprint and minimal use of consumables. This compares extremely favourably to other clinical mass spectrometry techniques such as LC-ESI MS, with their associated high consumable use of nitrogen gas and solvents such as acetonitrile and methanol in LC mobile phases.

MAP has always pioneered the low cost, minimal clinical sample volume, low consumable waste, low carbon footprint and Green credentials of its chosen clinical diagnostic technology. Also see UK Governments confirmation of this Green Tech assessment of MALDI-ToF MS in Clinical diagnostics.