About Map Sciences

MAP Sciences was founded upon an exclusive intellectual property portfolio of medical diagnostics and digital diagnostic applications. These completely novel diagnostic tests, with proven and certified results, are based around MALDI ToF mass spectrometry to be rapid, robust and reliable and use high-tech diagnostics in a simple and practical way.

In a time of expensive and time-consuming genetic screening, the MAP Tests represent an economical alternative to efficiently screening mass populations as well as personalised medicine, to tackle enduring global medical problems and provide effective solutions for personal health and wellbeing testing.

History and Development of The Technology

The Background

MAP Sciences is a clinical diagnostic platform utilising a highly-advanced method of protein pattern recognition to diagnose various diseases and health disorders. It uses MALDI-ToF Mass Spectrometry digital data, analysed by AI algorithms. It requires only a pinprick of blood or a spot of urine sample and test results can be produced within minutes in a very economical way. The analysis is data rich and the sample can be re-interrogated with full scanning of all test panels from a singular sample. It is based on mass spectral profiling of biological fluids in multi-dimensional patterns:

• Simultaneous identification of multiple analytes in a single sample run
• Relative quantification of one analyte against another
• Sample volume required is micro to Nano
• Sample collected on a blood spot card
• Preparation is rapid (“dilute and shoot”)
• Reagent costs are very low
• Data generation is rapid and archived for instant re-interrogation <1 min

Medical diagnostics is a huge global market, which is fast moving, but also very crowded and somewhat resistant to change. Occasionally, a truly inventive product or approach breaks through. This happened when diagnostics giants Bruker and Biomerieux changed the face of microbiology testing with a one-step approach, on one machine, to replace a week’s work for an entire team of scientists. They did it using MALDI ToF MS – Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionisation Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry. Essentially, by taking a snapshot of proteins you identify the bacteria, precisely, in seconds.

MAP Sciences has used the same approach, in a novel way, to take a snapshot of proteins presented in urine and blood of patients to screen for diseases and health disorders. Our test panels include some of the most lucrative and potentially exciting diagnostic fields: blood disorders, diabetes, infertility, pregnancy diagnostics and bespoke cancer detection and monitoring. Outside of microbiology, this is a unique approach to medical diagnostics.

Ours tests are instant and simple, and based around an established and clinically approved platform. MALDI ToF MS is different to other methods because, it can reliably separate hundreds of proteins in seconds without the requirement for extensive sample preparation. This means that patients providing samples will be able to walk away with their results immediately.

Providing a reliable and trustworthy service and making sure that we understand your needs is important to us.

We strongly believe that nothing is more important than your health, but in our busy, modern lives sometimes we can forget to pause for a moment and get our health checked, even when we are showing symptoms that may be affecting our day-to-day activities. Everyone at MAP Sciences is committed to making your health as their priority; thousands of hours of work and research have gone into bringing you a safe and simple solution to managing your health.

Unlike other websites offering blood tests, we do not subcontract our testing to third-party laboratories, we carry out all of our tests at our own laboratory in the UK.

MAP Sciences is continually developing blood and urine sampling test panels for medical diagnostics which are much faster, accurate and more affordable than comparable tests currently available. Analysis is performed from a pinprick of blood or a spot urine sample in a clinic or at home. All of our tests have been developed and validated by the MAP Sciences team and are not available anywhere else.

Our tests are instant and simple, and based around an established and clinically approved platform.

We believe that our kit will revolutionise the way we can all check our health and be able to take control of our own personal wellbeing. Whether you want to check your status for certain diseases or use the kit for regular testing to monitor your health status, you can rest assured that your results from us will be comprehensive and accurate, allowing you to deal with the results of your test depending on the outcome.

We have made it really easy for you to send us your sample, using kits which can be purchased from our website.

The MAP Sciences Blood Spot Sampling Kit has been developed precisely for those that find it difficult to schedule a doctor’s appointment or are reluctant to have a full blood test done. Our kit has been developed and refined to only need a single blood spot, making it unique for the range of test that we offer.